Researchers Discover DNA Link to Cancer

Dr. Rajiv (Raj) Dahiya received his MD from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine in 1994. Since January of 2016, Dr. Rajiv Dahiya has worked as an oncologist at the Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, TX.

Premier Cancer Centers is setting the new standard for cancer treatments, and one potentially revolutionary new development in cancer treatment is the breakthrough in gene research. Every cancer results from some type of mutation DNA in the patient’s body.

In 2013, British researchers developed the first map for the mutational process of tumors, and this should lead to superior treatment for many different cancers. In the study published in the journal Nature, scientists investigated more than 7,000 genomes of various cancers, and isolated 21 unique processes that result in DNA mutation.

The study also revealed that there are at least two processes involved in the 30 cancer types in the study, with even more for some cancers. For instance, ovarian cancer had only two mutational processes, while six were present in liver cancer.

They also found that a group of enzymes called APOBECs which have been shown to mutate DNA were also involved in more than half the cancers involved in the research.