Prostate cancer and genetics

Enjoy Advanced Prostate Cancer Care, Right At Your Doorstep

One of the most reputable oncologists based in Dallas, Dr. Rajiv “Raj” Dahiya is a highly acclaimed name, when it comes to prostate cancer care. After graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, he has been associated with several of the premier cancer research institutes including most recently the Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, Texas. He is a renowned expert in some of the most sophisticated treatment methods of prostate cancer, such as the Cyberknife to provide the most modern radiation therapy procedures for his patients. He is also an esteemed member of the prestigious Texas Medical Association.
The field of prostate cancer care is becoming more and more advanced as the days go by. A large number of new and effectively unique innovations are being made in the field of prostate cancer research. In its mission towards providing advanced genetics Dr. Dahiya founded Predictive Medical Solutions which offers the most cutting-edge developments in the field genetic testing for not only prostate cancer but many other cancers as well. Predictive Medical Solutions seeks to become one of the premier laboratories in the country and is aptly ranked amongst the most preferred health care centers in Dallas.
Through the proper application of adequate screening, diagnosis and treatment procedures, a wide range of tumors and prostate cancers can be cured effectively. The expert team of oncologists, urologists and radiation oncologists that work closely with Dr. Raj Dahiya help to lead to the high success rate that he enjoys with his patients.
One of the major causes of prostate cancer is chronic inflammation. The latest facilities and services available at Premier Cancer Centers can be very effective, in curing malignant tumors of the prostate gland. Some of the modern treatment therapies which are offered in this field are:
Conformal Radiotherapy: In this procedure, high energy x-rays are made exposed to the prostate gland. A radiotherapy machine, also referred to as the linear accelerator delivers these x-rays. This treatment lasts for about 7 to 8 weeks in small sessions.
Brachytherapy: In this minimal invasive treatment, the radioactive source is placed within the tumor. The treatment takes between 2 and 3 days, accompanied by a high rate of recovery.
Radical Prostatectomy: In this therapy, the infected prostate gland is removed by making incisions in the abdomen. The patient experiences minimal discomfort, but a high recovery rate.
Hormone Therapy: The Hormone therapy treatment minimizes the spread of the prostate cancer, by decreasing the proportion of testosterone in the patient’s body.
In addition to these, other prostate cancer care facilities such as counseling, post-operative care, diet control procedure, post implant advice and more are available at Premier Cancer Centers. The latest medical facilities at his clinic, in addition to the specialized treatment procedures has led to the reputation and fame of Dr. Rajiv Dahiya.