Bridge Breast Helps Texan Women Fight Breast Cancer

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Raj Dahiya sees patients at Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, Texas. In addition to treating patients with advanced radiation technologies, Dr. Raj Dahiya works to help patients who cannot afford treatment. He also supports local women’s cancer charity Bridge Breast.

Bridge Breast helps unfunded patients living in north Texas gain access to free or low-cost breast cancer care. The organization is dedicated to serving people caught in a treatment gap. Oftentimes, women receive a breast cancer diagnosis but are unable to pursue treatment due to financial difficulties and lack of health insurance.

In order to provide low-cost treatment, Bridge Breast partners with local physicians and radiologists. By creating a network of partnering clinics, women all around San Antonio can access the healthcare they need to survive.

Bridge Breast stands ready to help any woman who has a breast cancer diagnosis, does not have insurance, and can demonstrate specific financial hardships. More information is available at Funding for our services are provided (in part) by grants from Susan G. Komen foundation.

In 2016 Premier Cancer Centers was the recipient of the prestigious Bridge Builder’s Society Founders award for their contribution in helping care for patients without access to cancer care.