About the TomoTherapy H Series

As an MD and radiation oncologist with Premier Cancer Centers in Dallas, TX, Dr. Rajiv “Raj” Dahiya offers patients access to innovative treatment technologies. Dr. Raj Dahiya makes use of the innovative TomoTherapy H Series HD, which provides targeted radiation therapy using advanced image guidance.

In 2012, Accuray introduced the TomoTherapy H Series radiation treatment technology, which features the advanced TomoHDA system. This system offers the industry’s most advanced type of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), with accuracy enhanced through the use of computerized topography (CT) scanning. This combination of technologies allows the system to send radiation to a precise location, thus minimizing the chances of injury to surrounding organs and tissues.

Through extremely fast modulation and efficient image guidance, the TomoTherapy H Series allows users to reduce the time that patients spend in treatment. It also facilitates the development of individualized treatment plans, even for particularly complex cases. Advanced software provides guidance at all stages of treatment, including imaging and delivery, while also providing the option for care team members to contribute from remote workstations.

The treatment itself features a slice-therapy approach, which addresses tumors layer-by-layer. The system’s advanced software provides daily image guidance and enables delivery changes in accordance with patient needs, so that treatment planning be adjusted to the evolving results.